My script wont work

First of all we ask that you check that you have the latest version of the script, just in case you don’t know we ask that you remove the version you have and download the latest from the downloads page.

I need instruction on how to use the tool

We have no real user manual as scripts are always changing, we ask that you just play around with the tool and get use to it, most times you will get to understand everything in no time what so ever.

What browsers can run the scripts

Google Chrome, Comodo Dragon, CoolNovo, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Torch, CometBird, Pale Moon,LunaScape.

*note that Internet Explorer can NOT run this or any other script!*

I got ban for an hour, how do i stop this

This answer can be simple, just turn off tabs your not using, if you keep getting bans try changing the times on attacks, also if your opening chest you should use the “Auto Use Option” as this has a timer you can set for it, more or less you need to lower your Request sent to the games server.

My game wont load

If your game wont load try turning off the script and refreshing, if this does not help then it is not a script issue, we are in this case you send in a ticket, if both the script and the game do not load then its a game related error as script should always load.