Welcome to wackoscripts

Wackoscripts is the home of DoA Power Tools!

You may ask what is DoA Power Tools?

DoA Power Tools is an Auto Player / Bot for for Dragons of Atlantis this tool can do many things for you in the game.


Just to list a few things Teamwork can do!

  • Auto Attack Camp
  • Wave players
  • Train
  • Build
  • Research
  • Reinforcements
  • Transport
  • Fortuna
  • Resurrection
  • Sentinel Action (Defend Attacks)
  • Alliance Activity

And much more!

This tool was made just to help players out with the game, with all the changes in the as of late this tool is needed even more! There is no real way to keep up with challenges and power gains now without the tools.

It takes a very long time to develop the tools so we ask for your support in donating to the tool by clicking on the donate page listed in the menu at the top.

Thieves Quarter


What is Thieves Quarter?

Thieves Quarter is a website made up for people to use to get the upper edge!

We have developed some python scripts to help get things done! to check out everything please use the Thieves Quarter link in the Menu and sign up for a free account!

If you require help at any stage we ask that you join our facebook page.